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Points of interest near Hotel White Peacock

Renaissance Venetian Chateau

Benatky n_J_1A great tip for a trip for families with children is the Venetian chateau, which is complemented by a beautiful park, vineyard and literally dominating the whole town. In the castle was the famous Danish star Tycho de Brahe, who made various measurements and observations here, built an observatory and also met with Jan Kepler, his collaborator, but also a rival in the field of astronomy. In the chateau, Tynon is considered a Benedictine meridian, and there is the opportunity to explore the places where this famous star created his famous works and theories. Other famous celebrities such as the music composers Bendová and Bedřich Smetana also lived there.

The chateau has an interesting interactive exhibition that shows the Celts civilization. Visitors can see archaeological finds from the 6th to the 1 st century BC, even dress up in the Celts clothing, try a spear, all in the chateau in the built-in Celts house. For visitors there is a tour of expositions connected with an interactive program. Here you can go for a Celtic coin, dress in knight armor, try to kneel horses and lots of other activities for children, but also for adults. The castle also offers the opportunity to climb the castle tower or visit two museums – the Venice City Museum and the Toy Museum, which has the largest collection of historical toys in the Czech Republic.

Golf Club Resort Paradise

golf-resort-paradise_017801_fullFor lovers of golf, there is a golf resort located in the Travina protected area near Benátky nad Jizerou and offers 18 hole golf courses with a length of 5 814 m for men, 4 797 m for women and a 9 hole academy.




Zřícenina hradu Dražice
An interesting tip for a trip is the 13th century Dražice castle ruin, which is located in a nearby village near Venice nad Jizerou. One of the most famous owners of this castle was the last Prague bishop Jan IV. From Dražice. Interestingly, the original walls of two castle palaces and a castle chapel have been preserved.




Church of St. Martin in Dražice

45drazice2The church was founded and perhaps consecrated by Bishop Jan lV. The Dražice and the original single-nave Gothic structure have survived to this day. After several reconstructions, however, the church was demolished, canceled and sold in 1783, and the building was used for economic purposes. The rescue for the church was that he was redeveloped by the Družstevní závody in Dražice after the land reform. The church was repaired and redeemed in 1926. Preserved wall paintings dating back to the reign of Charles IV. Are a very valuable artistic and historical monument.


Educational trail through the Landscape of Rudolf II.

Labe5rudolfThis trail is a joint project of three cities – Brandýs nad Labem, Lysá nad Labem and Benátky nad Jizerou. The path represents Rudolf II. As a lover of gardens, forests and hunting. The trail is 65 km long and runs from Brandýs nad Labem, Lysá nad Labem to Venice and Jizerou and back. It takes you not only with beautiful castle gardens, but also with 17 other stops where information boards are prepared to inform you about a number of historical attractions and are complemented by historical maps, paintings, plans and engravings.


Swimming pool Benátky nad Jizerou

226940--resizecrop-c800x600The swimming pool is located near the sports complex. There is an artificial pool with recirculation through sand filtration. There is also a paddling pool in the swimming pool area. The area is natural with plenty of green areas, sanitary facilities, refreshments, outdoor showers and lifeguard service.



Plavba po řece Jizeře

2008_0726_161923_SV_Jizera_19_3_v_Benatkach_n_JDirectly in Benatky nad Jizerou there is a canoe rental, which provides a complete ship-to-ship service, ideal for one-day excursions. Canoe Samba, a modern plastic canoe for two people with the option of adding seats for one to two children, can be rented in the Benátky nad Jizerou – Brandýs nad Labem section.



Sportcentrum Benátky nad Jizerou

175746_118443941586540_5755757_oSport activities can be found right in Venice in the sports center where you can play bowling, squash, jumping, spinning.




Zimní stadion města Benátky nad Jizerou

DSC_0061Ice hockey fans can visit the HC Benátky nad Jizerou ice rink as fans in the auditorium with a capacity of 1500 seats and 200 seating positions. During the season, it is possible to visit the ice area directly in public skating.