Bílý páv

Both chefs and co-owners of the Bílý páv restaurant, Mr. Jan Antoš and Mr. Pavel Houdek, are dedicated to the craft of cooking and the mastering of this art. They are also bonded by mutual trust and long-term friendship.
Both born and raised in the city of Benátky, they became friends. Before they decided to swing their knives and spatulas in kitchen, they successfully swung their hockey sticks in local hockey team. They support this team until today.
Eventhough they paths have split after elementary school, they both became apprentices in cooking school and collected their professional experience independently on each other. They both proved that cooking is their life and they are true masters of their work.
It was not long that both chefs collected courage to make their dream come true – a dream to open their own restaurant. With mutual effort they found suitable place and with kind support of the city of Benátky nad Jizerou they were able to make this dream real.
Bílý páv restaurant is a story of two boys, friends, that have their dreams and believe that they can fulfill them. It is a story about joy, enthusiasm, mutual trust and friendship…

Jan Antoš a Pavel Houdek